Kippers, rhubabs, milk and parks in London

What are the little things I look for whenever I am in London

Kippers, rhubabs, milk, and parks. ( and fowles and borders}

I enjoy a breakfast of  smoked kippers. There are kippers and there are good kippers.  You will not go wrong with kippers from Selfridges or Harrods

Kippers are  smoked herrings the equivalent of “tambans”, a tasty but bony fish. It is not a popular fish Malaysia, mainly because of the bones.  Even in KL I will always be on the lookout for  tambans.  It is difficult to get them. I guess it is  so cheap it is not able to cover the logistic cost of bringing them from Mersing or Besut. So it end up in keropok lekor. In Bagan, The lower variety is known as tamban jubor because it looks as if the fish has suffered long bout of diarohrea, The British has managed to add value to the lowly herrings by producing smoked kippers. I am however beginning to believe that Canadian kippers are better.

A poor student that I was and working in the bakery during summer breaks, milk at 8 pence, was my staple diet. I preferred the silver label, a low fat version. Now milk is nearly a pound a litre and the lonely wives do not have the milkmen for company any more. Nicking a pint on the doorstep of Westbourne avenue flats and Notting Hill  on the way back from a night of gin rummy or poker were the nearest I could get into trouble.

The British milk is smooth, fresh and cool,  a contrast to the synthetic  UHT NZ milk we get here.

And rhubab. Why can’t we find rhubabs here.? It is soury and coupled that with custards and cream, it gets you drooling. I managed to get an oven ready rhubab pie from Summerfields. I could not also resist the rhubab ice cream combination at the Dorchester

There is a raw joke I read in Anthony Burgess autobiaography. When he was doing the Army concert Round, the comedian would ask . Do you manure your rhubab? Yes , roared the crowd.………….No I dont. I put custard in my rhubab.  A Raw joke during the war, that was.

The parks ?. Here I am sharing the sights with you. I spent a good 3 hours in the park. After coffee and rhubab  at the Dorchester, I walked across to the park. The Serpentine is still home to the beautiful swans. Along the way I talked to the squirrels. I ended up at Lancaster gate. A short walk away is Malaysia Hall. My English dinner was patin asam pedas, telur asin, sotong sambal, followed by kuih lopis. Not quite an English lunch.


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