Let Us reclaim our kampong, our streets, our parks and our malls – We want a safe environment

“You can take a Malay out from a kampong but you cannot take the kampong out of a Malay” is often used  to make a mickey off, to mock the backwardness and the non-urbane attitude of Malays. The cases of Sharlene of Kampong Medan has been cited as example of the lackadaisiacal attitude of Malay parents in Kampong Medan.

I say what is wrong with that? What is wrong with asking for  the freedom and having the streets, the parks and the malls  free from violence, vices, crime? Are we so urbanised that we have to accept that all urban streets are infested with thugs, kidnappers and child molesters.

If we blindly accept that notion that the parents of Sherlene and the lackadaisal  kampong attitude of the Malays of Kg Medan are to be blamed for the crime and kidnapping, then we must be insane.

I believe that every child has the fundamental  right to explore and roam free safely. It is the most effective and most conducive environment to growing up, and it does not descriminate against the urban kids. Every adult and every parent has the right to demand for the street, the park and the mall to be safe. What is wrong with cycling to the park, the grocery store and to play on the streets? Why are we depriving our children from growing normally.?

 I say that it is the responsibility of the government , whether you are HADHARI or not hadhari to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

The influx of immigrants labourerts have not only stolen the rights of these poor folk  to higher wages and better training, the policy  has also hijacked the streets, and the park and the malls. I am not saying that the crimes are being carried out by the immigrants. I say that the fact the Minister of Home Affairs are busy counting his loot in the importation of labour, the priority on policing, control and monitoring are  just not profitable to merit attention.

As for the parks, why cannt we have  park wardens and security to ensure children are free to roam and explore? But we are too concerned wit the steel monuments and structure and features that will churn out contracts. Do you realize that almost all parks in pj and KL are disused mining pools. They are just useless mass of water where buildings cannot be erected whereas what we really need is spacesafety and security.

Let us reclaim the streets and the parks and the Malls, We want our kampong to be safe. So what there is still the kampong in me??Why are we having those idiots??


One Response to Let Us reclaim our kampong, our streets, our parks and our malls – We want a safe environment

  1. Scorpion says:

    The influx of immigrant workers, who to blame? It is evdent that the employers are greatly advantaged by these cheap workforce. Everytime the government announces to reduce the immigrant workers, almost immediately you will find presidents of various industries association saying that they are facing LABOUR SHORTAGE and the LOCALS ARE UNWILLING to work. Same reasoning all the time and the announcement dissipate in open air.

    The truth is Home Ministry is cashing! (What is the function of Labour Ministry then, only to approve work permit?). The ministers are taking Malaysians for granted. They issue statements to address the problem and then procrastinate until the matter is forgotten (very common during MAMAK MAHATIR era).

    What is the quality of Malaysia workers? I would say majority of them equate to immigrant workers qualification thus more eligible to fill the immigrants workers jobs. But employers are reluctant because they have to provide medical benefit, insurance, variety of leaves, bonuses, mandatory contributions etc If they employ foreigners they can force them to work 7 days and 18 hours a day. The most important attracting feature for recruiting a foreigner is they can deduct their pay citing unreasonable reasons, in which the foreigner is ignorant of their rights and law.

    The government can actually monitor and handle the immigrant workers issue more professionally akin to Singapore but they refuse because it will not benefit the Datuks, executives of company, agents, government servants and all those involved in labour supply. It’s a lucrative industry. The fools are the citizens of Malaysia and the immigrant workers.

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