Jemaah Islamiah JI Militant MAS SELAMAT sighted in Kandahar growing poppies (?)

It is in the news – suspected JI leader escaped from Singapore prison.

Do you believe that? It is like the Bank of England being robbed in daylight. This is a security conscious State, whose prisons and security is part of the national defence plan. It is a state where not even a single captive or criminal in custody has ever escaped from the many prison walls.  It is AIR TIGHT. This is not Johor Baru.

 A week later he is still on the run in tiny Singapore. The theoretical  reactions and the responses ?

> JI is still active and a serious threat

> there are sleepers and sympathisers  that have infiltrated the security systems

> There must be inside help

What if …………

> What if his “escape” is engineered by the powers that be

> What if this is a cover up to take him to Guantanamao

> What if he is the bogey , a designer’s THREAT

> What if he is actually not a threat, but threat is needed in kiasi Singapore. Set him free

> What if Mas Selamat is already in Kandahar growing poppies

> What if …………..(please add)

Embarassment to the state? That is a small price to pay for the benefits it brings.


4 Responses to Jemaah Islamiah JI Militant MAS SELAMAT sighted in Kandahar growing poppies (?)

  1. admin says:

    dont forget brother..

    adding to your curiosity…he is CRIPPLED, a limping man. :)

  2. Scorpion says:

    It’s definitely an inside job. Singapore is a security conscious state, how could this happen? Simple, majority of the security personnel are Malays. Certainly there are sympathisers and the religion brain-washing by Mas Selamt may have influenced them to close an eye.

    Singapore revamp your security force!

  3. sulaiman says:

    think of the other possiblity- Mat did not escape he was let out.

    why? the idea of terrorrism and alqaeda is eejust a spin of mr bush and his neo conservative. Dick and condi and previously carl rove. Now bush is becoming history soon, his idea will no longer be relevant.

    bush regime bombed iraq with the help of saudi and quwait to secure oil for the us and israel [ with turkey as beneficiary as well]. the pipeline from mosul pass thru turkey to reach israel. The idea to get oil secured was proposed by alan greenspan to help
    deflect the bearish economy for at least 8 years during bush’s rule. The idea was
    that bush did this war on iraq was for oil was first mooted by michael moore. Later i saw an interview where alan greenspan confirmed that he had asked bush to secure
    the oil to protect the economy from spiralling down , Now that obama is likely to be
    President, Singapore want to be on his goodbook. let the jawa international go

  4. admin says:

    to Scorpion:

    I hope this is not an offense for you..Malaysia is a ‘low security conscious state’, and MOST security personnel are Malays (including jail officers, warden and etc). In Malaysia’s prison, there are more than one who have been detained for the involvement in J.I and for going to Jihad in Afghanistan. Are there sympathisers and the religion brain washing by members of Mas Selamat in Malaysian Prison? I bet they do but so far , NONE of them managed to escape..and as the most wanted aka mujahidin, will they be allow to interact with the so called sympathisers(officers inside)? I dont think so..

    this is absolutely nothing to do with Malays dude.. :)

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