Malaysian General Election – Between Barisan and the Opposition

Today I exercise the little right that I have in determining the little sultans , rulers,and governors of Malaysia. It is easy this time. It is a choice between two Barisans or Fronts, the Barisan Nasional and the Barisan Alternatif. For the first time in the history of Malaysia, the internal bickering within the Alternative Front has not been that visible. Not as visible as in the incumbent.

For the first time you hear  the challenges, counter challenges, sabotages and counter sabotages within the ranks of the National Front. UMNO, MCA, PPP, Gerakan and MIC each has not been spared.

The Anwar Ibrahim factor is without doubt a thorn in you know where. Credit must be given to the man, for being able to put three warring factions within the Alternative Front to remain intact as a team. Political realities and maturities seems to have sunk in the heads of kit siang, karpal, nik aziz.

The anwar bashing, in the last one week by the media,in my opinion has backfired.  Why attack a man who is not even standing for the election? It was an overkill.

Top in my list is my concern on corruption. It is getting very difficult to do business without being a “langau” that crowd the rotten durian. He should have gone hard on the corrupts after the the big mandate in the last election.

As for the judiciary the indecisiveness in appointing the Royal Commission of Enquiry was self destructive and stupid. A good Sultan, a ruler or an emperor would seize that opportunity which would elevate you above everything else. Unless if he is involved. Remember the story of the emperor that chopped of the head of his concubine?I am afraid,  in this case the concubine is going to chop of the emperors head.

I am rather skeptical about the Royal Commission of Enquiry. You have the opportunity to rid your party of the stooges that have taken UMNO for a ride, yet you retain them. Those people of PUTRA JAYA have a heavy burden inheriting  one MP who has been associated with the injustice within the judiciary. People like Zaid of Kota Baru has been sidelined. The Bad the Rude has been retained. Perlis is a circus.

You have the power yet  you do not use it.

THe Royal Commission of Enquiry on the Police Force. What have you done to it? and the police is still  too politically involved too busy monitoring the the Division Heads and the oppositions.

Bush is a lame duck president. But at least he is doing something. Silence could mean regal elegance. I agree.  My abah also told me that if you do not know keep quiet or act stupid.  Doing nothing is not elegant anymore.

And who the hell is the Master spinner in charge of the dailies. There was Abang Adik missing his fat cigar. Pity mr cohiBA if he loses. Najib  asleep in the luxurious aircraft. Pak Lah commenting on the pot bellies of his strong men in Kelantan.

My vote for the best media message was found in the STAR yesterday. Nik Aziz being accompanied by a PAS astronut in his campaign round.

Choose wisely! Yes I did. After voting We went to have lontong at the so called affluent PJ. What a pitiful sight the PJ market has become. Do not worry, Barisan will win! which barisan? Barisan nasional will form  the new government.


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  1. […] Tulisan diatas dibuat selepas saya mengundi. Pak lah punya banyak kuasa, kuasa yang melebihi Presiden USA, tapi beliau gagal mengunakannya. Berita baik dari luahan diatas adalah perlantikan Zaid sebagai Menteri dan THe Bad The RUDE DIN tidak diterima rakyat. Tengku Adnan telah memenangi Putra Jaya dan seterusnya dilantik menjadi Menteri. […]

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