The emperor’s days are numbered

The royal  household was in the news. It was the opening of a new boutique, owned by the royal household,  apropriately called THE EMPERORs NEW BAJU.   The emperor was the guest of honour. What fine clothing and “bajus” they were, fine silks and other fabrics  from exotic lands. Big names with the golden scissors, needles and pins,  turned them into fine works of art fit for the emperor.

What an exciting event it was. The economic watchers and pundits were praising the  initiative as a masterstroke a significant contribution to the economy. The marketplace has a royal tenant.  The stockmarket soared. There were eager commoners and peasants, jostling and elbowing to get a glimpse of the emperor in his new baju.

The  courtesans,  led by that ambitious anaksuku  of Bongek, were telling and showering the emperor with fineries and praises. As in the courts of old nobody dared to tell the emperor that he was actually in his birthday suit.  But the peasants and commoners were laughing . There were also “oohs and ahhhs”. The  few wise ones were shaking their heads in disbelief.  What a revelation!! Where is the thing? they asked.

Immediately after the party was over, an enterprising roti canai outlet, introduced a new  peasant’s fare, the emperors roti canai. Life has been diificult for the peasants. With the rising cost of eggs and flour, the roti telor are real luxuries. Now the emperor has revealed that there is life to be enjoyed even without the thing. The emperors roti canai became an instant hit, throghout the empire, from changloon to kota belud. Long live the emperor, the saviour, the inspirer, the pragmatic emperor.

The “exhibition” and display however set off a frantic interest of a different kind. Among the gay community throughout the land, the sight of the emperors backside, stark naked, started a mad frenzy for the emperors you know what. The emperors poster in his “new baju”  became the subject of desire. The perfect pin up. It was like putin in his commando pose.

They want the emperors “you know what”.

Knowing how determined these non followers of that prophet Lott  are, you know that it will not be long before they get what they have always wanted. The emperors days  are numbered.


One Response to The emperor’s days are numbered

  1. Kejawen says:

    Benar sekali Pak Lurah…!!…nggak ada yang kekal kecuali mereka yang benar-benar memakai ‘baju-baju’ Prophet’s Last Sermon..!!

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