The danger of too much politicking

Malaysia is becoming like TAMIL NADU. It has been a week since the election, but the politicking has not died off. The serious business of running the states and country has not started. Well, the campaigns have been abrasives and exhaustive, so it is now time for the politicians to take the much deserved breaks.  can they? Only the losers can go for holidays. The new elected brooms have a lot of work to learn the ropes in managing the affairs of state.

And what about that MB who was made famous by the broom and tempe?

This imported TAMIL NADU culture is not good. Blame it on Samy Velu, blame it on HINDRAFF, blame it on KJ, Blame it on Pak Lah,   but not your own self. It showed that malaysian have not fully matured democratically.

Peronally, I think the defining moment was the handling of the HINDRAFF demonstration. We all have NAZRI AZiZ to thank for the lesson on democracy. He told Malaysia that, the government does not condone demonstration. Please demonstrate by using the ballot baoxes. And demonstrate they did.

Then the Lingam tape, that was a master stroke. What a garndmaster of strategies you are.

Post election, the grandstanding and lack of experience and decorum by the DAP do not help either. It is still a chauvinist infested political party. It does not fit in the multiculturalism of PKR and to a certain extent  PAS. And as for PAS , it is a NO, as I think there are too many religious chauvinists in their  midst. It is worthwhile for PPP and many other multiracial parties of sabah and sarawak to consider realigning to the Barisan Rakyat. Can you imagine that?

Malaysia just need to be wary of chauvinists and racists in those parties who claim to be fighting for Malaysian Malaysia. or those who do not recognize the multi religious and multi cultural Malaysia.

Expose and eliminate chauvinists!!!


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