Amsterdam and Munich

I am in Europe. I arrived at schipol on an KLM flight this morning. What a beautiful surprise Schipol is. It is the most functional and aesthetic airport I have ever been. It speaks well of the culture of the country.
I must not miss the opportunity to revisit the hippie capital of the 70s.

It has been a long time. I was in my teens. Staying at sleep#in was an unforgetful experience. For 5 guilders you get an indelible stamp on your wrist for a one night stay in a a mixed dormitory. Breakfast was the sight bare breasts, when your fellow dorm dwellers did the dressing up.
The smell of hashish stays there unabled to be erased. It was at the Dam i met the bunga sailor who I befriended. My friendliness was rewarded with a one night stay on board the bungaship with rice and ikan mask kicap for dinner. Abang amin tanky was kind. I wonder how his korean wife is now.,

Munich is the opposite end of my likeable scale. German precision. I have to wait till 1400 before I could check in. Here i am writing this journal waiting for the room after 22 hours of travelling.

I am not amused. It looks like I am going to have this meeting at 1330 still with thsmell and body odour i have brought from home.


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