I fall in love with Amsterdam

Yes I do.

If civility is defined as the ability to being fair, to be sensitive to the needs of the majority and the minority, to be non-imposing, to respect and take care of the environment,  then Amsterdam is civil.

The Amsterdamers, must be the most civil road users and designers.  Where would you find, thoroughfares which include lanes for pedestrians, for cyclists, for the trams and buses. The water ways criss-crossing the city make Amsterdam extremely charming. There is the water taxis. Under construction is the underground which I hope will not degenerate the charms of Amsterdam. It is the rule, thje weakest user gets right of way.

Yesterday, I visited an Indonesian Restaurant SAMPURNA. It is a perfect little place. It was just friendly and hospitable. I met Desiree the proprieteress, and the lady doing the hosting, Mama, of Dutch Indonesian descent. The friendliness was real. You could sense and feel part of the  chemistry. I met Dian, Ayu, Sofea who staffed the restaurant.

You could sense the influence of the East Indies in amsterdam. Had it not been for old Batavia and the culture of the nusantara, I say that Amsterdam could be another Munich, rigid and uncompromising.

It is so easy to strike a conversation with people you have just met. This morning, I met a Northampton couple at this cafe called the OOnde Cafe.  They are ahead of me. Amsterdam is their favourite city in the world. The owner is married to a Surinamese, and in the menu is katjang pedis.

On the tourist trail I found a Malaysian restaurant, Wau which was not opened for lunch. On the way back to the GRAND I spent a good few kilometres at the Red Light Districts. 

And my favourite hotel,  it is the GRAND SOFITEL. It is beyond words. It is difficult to fault. My room is overlooking the canal. It is quiet and yet it is full of life, unpretentious. Friendly yet not overbearing. It is sempurna. It is grand, and be prepared with a few grans the next time you are doing your booking.


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  1. mooke says:

    not good. one liner. pls improve.

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