ZAID, We need more then an apology

When Musharaff tried to remove the Lord President of the Pakistan Judiciary, it took the people of Pakistan about a year to bring down the government of President Musharaff. Just a few days ago the jailed judge was released from prison by a newly appointed government.

Here we are after almost 20 years the kangaroo tribunal  removed Salleh Abbas, the government is still in power, bruised but still in power.

Over the years we have seen the judiciary going to the dogs. How many victims were there in the 20 years?

Tunku decried”today democracy is dead”.

The bedrock of the nation has been compromised.

Just an apology? Just a superficial repair of the foundation? 

If the government of the day failed to restore the integrity of the judiciary, their days are numbered. You cannot build a nation based on HADHARI. You build a nation through justice, fairness,.

The judiciary must be allowed to reform itself, but can they?  Tun Azmi put it sarcastically, if you promote a sergeant to a general overnight, do you think the army will be effective?.

Malaysian may take more then 20 years to restore the judiciary, but restore they will. And if it needs to bring down the government like what the People of Pakistan have done, fall you will.


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