Let CHELSEA play in KL

I think the banning of Israelis from coming to Malaysia is an ancient policy.  

In Israel, as in other countries, there are the good Israelies and the bad Israelis, there are bad Jews and good Jews, bad Muslims and good Muslims. The  bad Israelis build walls, in the name of security. Now we are building walls to prevent two Israelis  in Chelsea FC from coming to  Malaysia. Chelsea is London club and does not fly the Israeli flag

These are sportsmen. Sportmen are normally bridge builders  not wall constructors. Strategically is it worth the publicity for malaysia/ for Islam for the Malays? Considering that the jews control the media are Malaysia going to get media mileage out of this? 

Tell me what are the strategic benefits of banning these two  guys from coming in? Are we expecting Abromivitch to sell them or  to fire Grant   which will then generate greater  publicity.

Are Malaysia  now Pro HAMAS? these guys have the freedom to go to many Arab countries. there are diplomatic relations with Egypt and a few other arab countries and yet here we are telling the world that we are  still pre 67, so ancient, and being more arabs then arabs

Why are we  still bannig the Israelis from coming in? I have been seeing many expats or tourists with the skull cap coming in freely. These are normal people. Do you have hate in your heart when seeing them? Most likely these are people with dual citizenships. See, there are holes in the wall.

if you are looking at the South Africa aparthiede model, without a cohesive arab community, or the G8, youn think Malaysia under PAS could do it? Let us fly the wau.


2 Responses to Let CHELSEA play in KL

  1. Kejawen says:

    Hm…may be we are sensitive or perhaps sentimental and thus our emotions take the better even though we do not understand the whole picture in the first place..
    The story of Sufiah is a good one. Today the BN is setting up ‘something’ to help Sufiah…. but surely there are many more cases like Sufiah here in Malaysia that need NOT be neglected.
    Priority over what’s right and what’s wrong is the key to the loss of the four states!
    The people has spoken.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    pabila tindakan hanya dibuat untuk di putar olih media, inilah jadinya.putar belit namanya.

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