Biejing wo lai le

Time to brush up my rusty Huayu or zhong wen. I am at the centre of the universe where the dragon head lies, forever watchful over tian an men or the world for that matter.

Everything is humongous.

The city is shrouded by a thick mist of dust, winter mist and discharges from the internal combustion engines. Back home it wouuld have been an emergency. No wonder the ethiopian marathon runner refuses to participate in the coming olympics.

Out of the city the thick mist remains but the ratio of dust and emissions to mist reduces greatly. The drive tpo the meitianyu through beutiful meadows and littke xiang xiang was enjoyable. It reminded me of the drive up the atlas mountain.

The great wall was awesome. It is a must see wonder.

We are now hooked on xian jiang food, We noticed the green signboards as an indication of muslim xianjiang food,

It is a dragon awakening. There is a frenzy of tree planting and wall building activities. Old hutong are being sheilded from sight. Trees and plants being planted in preparation of the olympics. Minus the haze it is such abeautiful city.

It will not take long before the air can be cleared. Chop off a few heads and the pollutters will become overnight environmental lovers.

It will be sometime before the dragon becomes first world. Spitting, throat clearing and nose jetting are die hard old habits.

Wo de hua yu hen bu cuo. i can get by.


2 Responses to Biejing wo lai le

  1. pezze says:

    Xinjiang (Uighur) food is definitely “hao che”. if u miss it when u r back in PJ, can get it at “Aladdin” at Glomac (new). Right opposite the Maybank at Kelana Parkview. U simply must have the “Tappan Qi” & “La Mien” as well as the “Yang Rou La Mien”.

  2. Inspigoblog says:

    flying in and seeing the blue sky was so heaveanly. to all malaysians take care of the environment.

    met thestation master for beijing (MAS). perpetual haze for the last 10 years he said, will clear up for a while if it rains.

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