Hishamuddin Hussin Onn – He is not that bad an Education Minister

I am quite an authority to write on the the performance of the various ministers of educations. My eldest is 26 and my youngest is 7. There are six in between the two. And I am current, having children in the primary, secondary and university. They are in public as well as private institutions.

I have seen najib, Anwar, and many that did not even make an impressions that I cannot even remember their names.

Over the last 21 years, I can conclude that quality education is expensive. I have seen my money going towards the children educations instead of buying a nice abode, a horse or a boat.

I have seen money going to collapsed roofs, policy announcements with make ups and props for the gasing spinners. I have seen DGs who were screwed up mongrels.

Hishamuddin in my opinion is the most refreshing and has done more then pure rhetorics and grinning. You know he grins a fair bit. Ask my 11 yearold who her idol is, and her answer is surprise, suprise mr smiley. This is not without reasons. The National School she goes to is I must say is near world class. Not the building and infrastructure but the way education is going on in the premises. Minus the rote learning in religious classes, schools have been interesting to the new generation kids. Schools with robotics, and drama, and choir and musics must be interesting.

The girls competed in the world robotoc competition where they became runners up. That is not all, you could see that the competition at national and state level were intense and lots opf fun. Malaysia made an impression in this world meet.

His affable nature cuts down barriers with children . He is a natural children minister. Imagine 10 years from now when these children are eligible to vote. Hishamudin will be prime minister hands down.

In my opinion the Kris issue was an overblown and unfair attempt at crucifying Hisham. I could not find that symbol of that Kris offensive. He is just unlucky that anything UMNO has to be attacked. Anything purely malay has to be lynched.

The decision to allow children to go to internationl stream is wise. There are other things I want the minister to do, teach mandarin and english, go single session. Allow malay schools to be establish and let the Sek Kebangsaan to be the Malaysian malaysia school.

Make education a constitutional rights and make it free.


3 Responses to Hishamuddin Hussin Onn – He is not that bad an Education Minister

  1. Kejawen says:

    Assalamu’alaikum wrbkth.
    I beg to defer my friend. May be I’m lost in Malaysian politics scenario. You see, I am one of those from the old school – all under one ministry then, where we have our lessons under the jambu tree within the school compound, and now we have two.
    No wonder we have two different set of rules and policies pertaining to education. One prepares for the very basic policies whereas the other one prepares another…!!.. UiTM achieved her university status after donkey years of in-fighting..!!!…whereas in the case of of Lim Kok Weng is a different story…I thought it’s only an academy..!!!… since when it became a ‘university’..??…or for that matter receiving the so-called funding from FELDA !!!… The late Hishamuddin uncle must have rolled in his grave..!!!
    To a get a placement in our local government universities, students have to achieve a minimum 3.8 cgpa…whereas for the private colleges or universities you need to achieve a 2.8 cgpa..!!!.. Good..may be..Perhaps Hishamuddin has to sit down and think with honesty on actual figures on how many really, especially the kampong schools kids will be in competition with those from the affluent areas.. How many parents really apart from you, can afford to send their children to either universities if they don’t make the minimum grade, when the fees are almost similar..!!
    Today’s graduation day for the so called ‘Barbers’ of Felda sponsored students from Lim Kok Weng is a blatant mockery… I pray Najib (Hishamudin’s cousin) can sleep easy tonight and nights after nights of his ‘Doctorateship’..
    Oh..come on Hishamudin..!!!..what have you done really..?? Charity begins from home.!!.. You learn Alif, Baa, Taa before you can be a good Quran reader..a child needs to stand before he could walk..!! No wonder, juveniles are on the increase, mat rempits and minah GROs are at their best and Suffiah who is not even a Malaysian is in Malaysian media – whereas those in the thousands, especially in the kampongs are still crying out laud and waiting…waiting…waiting for Hishamuddin….

  2. inspigoblog says:

    I cannot disagree with some of your concerns. My discussion is centred upon the Menteri Pelajaran i.e up to Upper Secondary. The state of education still leaves a lot to be desired. I am comparing Hisham with the numerous education ministers since 20 years ago.
    There have been many blunders during Anwar and Najib. Hisham is the most refreshing, I said. Changes at the lower level is encouraging.
    I am against the ministry of Higher education> It is set up not to improve the human capital but to accelerate the process of turning higher education as a business.
    Who looks after the overall development of education in the country? is it Hisham or is it Khaled? Or have they been relegated to the role of chief repair engineer knowing how bad the state education is in Malaysia. Repairs are progressing well I said.
    Education must be made accessible. I am for it.
    Education is the special rights that Malays should be fighting for. Not the silly ketuanan melayu.

  3. LEE SAMUEL says:

    Judging an education minister takes time, and already with so much controversy and anger that was once hidden had now exploded to the view of the public. We do not know the dark side of H and I certainly hope he can concentrate of being a good Education Minister and not get carried away by his emotions.

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