I went to a spa in Ipoh

I went to a spa in Ipoh last week.Yes  Ipoh. What is wrong with that? I understand, Ipoh mali has always been associated with seediness. I am no angel but I am not a devil either. I seek the pleasures of the flesh, a good massage period.

The seemingly endless travelling has put a strain on the little muscles that I have. My Pok Su, the resident massuer has been away in Kelantan. In his abscense the hours of inactivities in the flight to london, Kl, Munich, amsterdam , beijing and Singapore, the muscles need to be rejuvenated.

The OBW the annual pilgrimage to the alma mater has been the standard excuse or big licensce to the many boys who RESPECT the Spouses, to get away. To be boys again.

I operate on the open book concept. They call it transparencies. After a few undestroyed bills from this spa and that karaoke joints, that did not escape the custom and excise officer, self control and self restraint has been the best policy. I am off course wary of that cardinal Command, Do not Come near to illicit sex, a cardinal RUKUN TAQWA. An efective defence mechanism is to set yourself a high standard, encompassing physical , psychological, intelligence and emotional criteria that are difficult to fulfill and trigger that I want YOU!!! Even if you are triggered the other party may have a few excuses to turn you down.  It could  be the little muscles that I have or the silliest of excuse about my BO not that I have BO. So as long that you do not become animalistics or behave like a “bandot” it has been safe.

The place was respectable. It was clean and the facilities are fairly modest in a 3.5 star rated hotel. For Ipoh it must be above average. The patrons looked respectable.

She was good. This 40 something with muscular arms. There were a few inovative techniques Which a non massuer like me would find it difficult to describe. I could give her a 9 point rating. Pok Su is still giving the near perfect score. But I forgot her name.

As I was enjoying my hot milo O there was a commotion. It was past 11. There was this man in his towel complaining to the supervisor. Aha… although it was in Mandarin I could understand the complaint. The man was complaining, that the lady was too lazy to do the massaging, she just want to get over him soliciting “other services” . I am happy to see fellow “virtuos” spa lovers.

Oooh..I still cannot remember her name. She was good. June?


4 Responses to I went to a spa in Ipoh

  1. Kejawen says:

    I may be ‘out of context’ but after my hot-bath my ‘tukang picit’ or tukang pijak’ is either my wife or my friend’s 10 year-old son walking up and down my back…he…he..

  2. inspigoblog says:

    I swear my 79 old pok su is the best in the world. Uniquely malay, and uniquely poksu. He is the the perfect score.

  3. amilyanita says:


  4. inspigoblog says:

    I am a gret fan of dewa’s lakar cinta. Dewa is just abunch of kids playing music which to some people is haram but the messgage in laskar cinta is so powerful then those dished out by professional religionists who often try to play God.

    Let us try to scratch the surface of His infinite wisdom. I do nor wish to get into polemics of halal and haram. An angel I am not. I am just trying to live up to my life which some call deen, , It is a continuous struggle not to succumb to the devil.

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