Lifting of Fuel Subsidy – Two worlds

04 June 2008.  The Prime Minister of Malaysia has just announced the hike in Diesel Prices.

Immediately after the announcement thousands of cars were queing up at the petrol stations all over the country.

At 10 pm the ques were getting longer. While hundreds of thousands were queing, hundreds were . having a swing of a time smoking habanas, wines flowing. On the dance floor SYT’s were  gyrating to music and songs generated by an american band.

I met the son of an ex minister, an in law to a minister and an old ex-minister. They were queing at the bar and they never asked how much they had to pay.

To those who are lamenting on what and when  the hike shoulsd be my advice is for them to get real. Petrol is not coming down. Get out from your comfort zone. Get a better paying job, dont just talk but innovate and create, start an enterprise, never hope the minister is going to solve yr problems. Do not waste your youth.

The driver got stuck at the kiosk. Luckily Bob was there to assist. The highway was packed. So was PULSE at millenium. There was   “The wines the women and the songs”, not quite complete.

Two worlds in one night. My heart keep wondering to the kiosk. My eyes were on something else.


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