Tun Salleh Abbas… the wet thread debate ( Debat benang basah)

Note; Extracts from an ongoing debate on Tun salleh abbas. I call it the wet thread debate



If you read Che Det and Fast Foward, new Mathius Chang blog, it was
the Agong who instructed TDM to take action against Tun Salleh. If
this was so and TDM was given such an instruction can the PM ignore
titah of the King?
The Tribunal was then set up and its members are not just ordinary
judges or Malaysians for that matter, some of them are known for their
high integrity. The only flaw perhaps, it was headed by Justice Hamid
Omar who stand to gain should the tribunal found Tun Salleh guilty
which was subsequently proven to be so.
Why didn’t Tun Salleh made himself heard at the Tribunal hearings, why
boycott it. It was the same with the other judges.
It would be interesting to find out the content of Tun Salleh’s letter
to the Agong hingga bagindda begitu murka.
I heard that Tun Salleh himself is not all that goody-goody as some
people are making it out to be. It seems he even complained about the
building of an apartment next to his house because it would block his
view? And this was also mentioned in his letter to the Agong.

Another thing of interest is the fact that Zaid and the 4th floor boys
in collusion with the Bar Council had initiated the dinner, which was
paid for by the government, all with the intention to spite TDM. I
understand NOT all lawyers were invited to the dinner. In
any case Khairy and a few of the 4th floor boys attended the dinner.

As for ex Justice Dato’ Ahmad Idid, I think he wholly deserves a
rehabilitation and be given back his pension



Agree with your views on this.Tun Salleh was never the angel of the piece in his unfortunate episode.A lot of truth in Matthias’ writings.TDM never acted out of his OWN volition in this case.



 By inspigoblog

Tun Salleh was no angel, he is only human. There was however the De…vil who tried to fool  us all and  he is still trying. The results and the damage to our judiciary is testimony to the damage caused by  this episode. They always say, let history be the judge. Here we are rewinding and looking at history. Some people are trying to rewrite history  and trying to do  a  fast forward.  If the  son  is to be PM he could hope for  a kind  future,   a heroic and flawless legacy. 


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