Georgia Chapman is with us

For the next 3 weeks Georgia Chapman will become Georgia Esham Chapman. Georgia is a 12 yearold Melbourne girl who will be staying with us under the International School exchange programme.

This November Aiman will have her turn to experience Australia.

I find such programme amazing. At 11 they have the oportunity to experience the world. At 11 my world was my home state. At 14 on my first  night in a boarding school I cried, missing home.  At 16  i experienced a different world, things that Georgia is experiencing now, But  off course Iexperience  alot of bad and naughty things too.. 

In the next 2 weeks georgia will go to a malaysian school, eat with her fingers, be the weekend  mall rats, co habit the tropical forest, and most importantly be part of the family.

The missus has been instrumental in organizing the program.  She is loving it.



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