Yusuf and zULAIKHA.

One posting that has generated a lot of interests is my posting on  Yusuf and Zulaikha the biblical and Quranic story of Joseph, having to battle the advances of the passionate and beautiful zulaikha.

Joseph the prophet , the chosen one, survived this test of righteousness. If you were to be tested like what Joseph  went through would  you succumb to the passions of Zulaikha?

Ths is the story of the battle against passions. While passions could be positive, it could also bring destructions. Passions is an extreme and intense feeling of either  emotions, love or lust. it embraces the mental, physical, love and lust. It is a battle between reasons and desire, between the mind and the heart.

1.  a strong feeling or emotion 
2.  the trait of being intensely emotional [syn: heat
3.  something that is desired intensely; “his rage for fame destroyed him” [syn: rage
4.  an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action [syn: mania
5.  a feeling of strong sexual desire 
6.  any object of warm affection or devotion; “the theater was her first love”; “he has a passion for cock fighting”; [syn: love
7.  the suffering of Jesus at the Crucifixion 




5 Responses to Yusuf and zULAIKHA.

  1. damien says:

    I agree, but I think we neglect Zulaikha and her story. We tend to look at the cover and not the inside. Her story is one of true faith, for how can one endure so much for such a long and strenuous life. Yes, she was deceitful and dishonest, but what does love in it’s highest power do to those with a strong faith? Like the fanatics of our day, she embraces love in a detrimental fashion that is harmful to herself. Love is the most powerful faith one can own.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Is it love or lust? The incident when the ladies of egypt cut their fingers at the sight of the attractive Joseph was well engineered by zulaikha, it demonstrated, they too can have uncontrollable lust. So it was lust.
    i am- being kind to the feeling that zulaikha had. I see it as passion. She is passionately possesed . At the beginning of any relationship the lust is usually in much greater abundance and proportion then love.
    She let her heart took control. It was lust with a fair dosage of love.
    No disrespect to zulaikha. I am no angel, I would have succumbed love and lust . I know I am being tested by God.

    The poets glorified it as pure untainted love?
    How could i get hold of your book?

  3. damien says:

    Lust is a temporary state. One does not allow lust to control their entire life. Only true love can control such a prolonged feeling. Her love began as a young girl, in a dream. If you confuse her attraction to him with lust, then I think you’re missing the point. His beauty was captivating to all that saw him, this is true. But Zulaikha held on to her love throughout her entire life, even through her marriage with Potiphar.
    If you refer to it as pure lust(with a little love) than she should be labeled as crazy, or an obsessed fanatic. But I think love is still unexplainable and is difficult to pinpoint. Often, a view of a person causes a chemical reaction within us that teeters between love and lust. I think a person knows the difference. Especially if an entire life is sacrificed to express that view.

    Thanks for your comment


  4. damien says:

    for a copy of the book, I can email a PDF.

    let me know if you’re interested.

    email: wopar1@hotmail.com


  5. inspigoblog says:


    Thanks for your precious comments. You made your point. The fanatics of our day display destructive and confusing love and passion. The lifelong love of zulaikha, if that was true, demonstrted true love. but why the slander against her lover in the first place.

    She escaped punishment for her deciet and slander, probably because she was wife of Pothipar. Luckily she made it up and later in life she showed remorse when she testified that Yusuf was not to be blamed.( Refer the Quran, the chapter on Yusuf}

    This is a love story allright but are we missing something? Is it about the true love of Zulaikha or is it about the true love of Joseph. The episode demonstrated the greater and true love of Joseph with his faith, with God.

    Yes pleease… I will e-mail you separately.

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