Anwar Ibrahim Arrested – for winning the debate? wink, wink

Malaysians are seeing a power struggle of unprecendented scale.  A lame duck prime minister with an undemocratic succession plan in place, is a sure recipe for disaster. ( lame duck? no, this is a duck alright but he is not lame) The powers that be, obviously trust no one as any one could be the soldier in the trojan horse.

There are signs that the home minister and the Defence Minister are having a pact. The joint exercise conducted by the army and the police for public order raise eyebrows. Malaysian must learn to question the role of these two institutions. Much as the police has been politicised ( heard of the novel, war of the runnng dogs) , the army is now being recruited to serve the politician of the day.

UMNO has to seriously empower the members to elect a new president and deputy president. There is no second option.

The arrest of anwar Ibrahim is seen by many as the eliminatrion of the external threat in this power struggle. Again, the minister of defence and the minister of Home Affairs are seen to be in cahoot.

That leaves uMNO with  muhyidin and the Ku li . Both have a mammoth task to get the party to follow the democratic process and the rule of law in the struggle to save UMNO.

Their struggle pale in comparison to the struggle by Anwar to be the numero uno. Malaysian obviously do not want to see the debate as Anwar’s swan song.


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