Doing the Umra or umrah, Shutting off from all distractions

I have just got back from fulfilling my convenant with God. I went for the Umrah or the little pigrimage,

For the last 10 days I severed all connections with the internet. Out of those, I maintained radio silence with the world for 6 days. I switched off my mobile. I did not watch any television. I did not read any newspaper. I did not make nor recieve any phone call. I did not take any photograph.

The mind was also shut off from spouses, children and kin. I was like a commando on a mission. I set it upon myself that this mission  called for zero distraction. I thought I have made the necesseray provision for this mission. He says that the best provision for this mission is Taqwa and the total belief that He will provide. I believed I just did that.

This is a precursor of the Hajj, the fulfillment of my ultimate convenant with Him.

In the next few postings I will write about my experiences.

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