Umra – Provisioning for the trip

Make provision for your trip but the best of provisioning is your taqwa.

Short of telling them the password to my account, I left them with presigned blank cheques, and sufficient provisions to last for a couple of months.

I was determined to travel light. There was a debate how many sets of ihram were needed. At the end I compromised taking one a half set. I could not find a suitable white linen of the “kain kapan” variety but have to settle with the standard towel material which is heavy and have no other use except for a shower robe.

I should have brought only one.

The missus, very foresighted that she is, proposed that I use a big samsonite to make provision for shopping. Sorry dear but that corrupt my intent to give total devotion.

There are always those requests, dua’ this and that. I ignored them all.

The only one that I did not try to forget was this request from my 7 year old adam ” can you bring back some zam-zam for me?”

I was determined to totally devote my body, mind and soul.


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