Arabian Hospitality – rewards for absolute devotion

The abaya(s) were gone and the beautiful daughter, mother of yusuf extended her hand for a handshake. I did not refuse this rare opportunity. Something to boast to ahmad who has been in the kingdom for years but has not even seen an arab lady without the abaya, let alone shaking her hand.

She is a gem of a beauty, blue eyed, spotless,  now in her jeans and top

It was a feast. It was not a tent in the desert but a glorious mansion in an oppulent part of the city. A family of professors. A civil engineering professor, a professor of chemistry and a professor of english.

I do not know the name of the dishes. Salads, corn, bukhari, giant murtabak, bamia, roast lamb, popia look alike and chinese style stir fried chicken. I am sure there were a few i missed. There were more to accompany the mint tea and the cold halal beer.

When it was time for the call, they did not miss a second

Reward for the devotion? I believe so.


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