Back In London Part 2

Surprise surprise. The immigration officer was exceedingly nice and polite. We chatted about his visit to Malaysia, the Blue mosque, the Masjid Negara and Masjid Jame. I am a muslim he confided. My salam was genuinely responded from the heart.

The Christmas shopping has started. There was a crawl along Kensington High Street.

It is nice to know that my alma mater  UCL is now  Seventh in the World Best University Ranking. UCL the Godless University, the term used by the Church for the fiercely secular University. I will give Sinead a call, if we could go out for a drink.

The 8 o’clock news was a mix of the worldly. The financial meltdown has not really hit the High Street. The Daily Mail has the unburied dead as its headlines. The high  cost of caretakers and funerals are causing unclaimed bodies in mortuaries. There was a special coverage on Mogadishu, the lawless capital.

I agree, the UK has its fair share of the third world, but it is the first world access to information and official news that I always miss about the oldcountry.

As for today, my Unggal has unilaterally planned for my iternary of Open Houses.


2 Responses to Back In London Part 2

  1. Pak Unggal says:

    Salam Dato’
    Proud to be at your service sire..! Proud and deeply honoured to share and have Kak Long as our daughter !!
    Our sincere admiration on you & madam on bringing up all your kids..!
    Jangan lupa Wednesday. Please acknowledge on ETA into London.
    See you both after Wimborne..!

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Pak Unggal,

    deepest gratitude for the hospitality. thanks a lot for being the sponsors of 2 gatecrashers. now back in humid malaya, dehydrated, knackered. not a single quid spent on shopping this time.

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