UMNO Chauvinists versus Chinese Chauvinists

We are seeing it on both sides of the fence. The incumbent has been under great threat because of greed, and a fair dose of chauvinism amongst its members. The moderates and the voice of reasons abandoned it leaving it heavily mauled.

There was a common cause, to attack and defeat.  There are those who never stop. They undermine, they want blood and they want to kill. They attack, mock and undermine the enemy. Unfortunately, they also mock attack and undermine the institutions that build and glue this nation together.

They spin with greater viciousness then the enemy of the state.

Smell the dirty chauvinists? Yes we do. They got carried away, their voice of reasons disappearing and their true colour,  their chauvinism exposed.

The voices of reasons and the moderates can also abandon you. You are extremely dangerous.


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