Old Malaya – Kiss kiss bang bang

My family was extremely conservative. We never went to the movie. I guess we could not afford it. It never occured to abah or mak to see a wayang. To us wayang meant wayang cina, or chinese opera.

The only movie we saw was in the kampung, the Wayang Gambar Jabatan Penerangan on the school padang. The sight of the landrover of Jabatan Penerangan would get us kids excited. Usually it would be in conjunction with Merdeka or any health campaigns. Get your cholera jabs, or get your vaccinations, the Jabatan Penerangan officer blaring during the intermission.

The FILEM NEGARA production films did not make an impression on me. I could not remember any.

My first film was SITORA. I saw that in Singapore. My Pak tan lived in Tanjung Penjuru. Quite near to his barrack like house was an open top theathe the one the Indonesian call MISBAR, bila gerimis bubar. Literally translated it mean if it rains thats it.

SITORA was frightening so I never enjoyed it. Half of the shows I had my eyes covered.

Our only source of entertainment was the radio. It was the pop yeh yeh or the sandiwara or the serial Bangsawan. The aunties were keeping me company again. There they were doing the afternoon eagerly waiting for the series while picking up hair ticks or kutu among themselves. An un-pretty sight. Things you see in Zoo negara only.

Rahman Saiman was responsible to get me to see this movie KIss Kiss bang bang. He said there would be a lot of kissing. The term x was unheard of. I was sold. I managed to get nenek to give me one dollar.

The bus fare was 40 sen return, the mee bandung was going to cost me 30 sen and the ticket was 20 sen and the 10 sen for a drink.

Off we went as planned. The mee bandung next to ODEON was typically Batu Pahat. It was not like mee bandung muar.It was a real treat, especially the blanched egg in the thick nut and coconut gravy.

As for the movie, it was acctually a Japanese movie. I could not understand a word. I waited for the kissing but there was none.

What do you expect from a 20 sen morning matinee show but there were many like me who were sold. ODEON was packed.


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