Mu Barack Hussin OBAMA

To many westerners, BARACK is a funny name. Barack, Barack who? Barack what?

Obama has been described as a man of outstanding character, and equipped with the intellect and temperament not unlike a messiah.

Analysts and pundits have said how lucky he has been, to be blessed by good luck a character that Napoleon said was  important. He was lucky that Palin was chosen as the Vice Presidential Candidates. He was lucky that Mc Cain did not give him the due respect. He was lucky to be able to capitalise the financial meltdown.

Consider these….

HAMILTON won the Formula ONe, the first black to win the sport, a few days before the election, to remind the voters that it s competencies and not skin color that can help you overcome challenges.

The grandmother passed away in Hawaii in the same week to remind Americans that OBAMA is half white.

Even in a nation that has accepted Muhammad Ali, Oprah, POWELL and Rice, there were still many who subscribed to KETUANAN MATSALLEH, white supremacy.

With so many good lucks, do you still term them as GOOD LUCK. I say no. I say that he is  BLESSED.

Am I surprised? No I am not. Someone with the name MUBARAK HUSSIN OBAMA, he certainly lives up to his name. The root word for Barack is MUBARAK. MUBARAK in Arabic means BLESSED.


2 Responses to Mu Barack Hussin OBAMA

  1. Unggal says:

    How rightly you are… BUT it does not apply in Malaysia though…. many of them, despite having our beloved Prophet’s name or names of his family……

    but NONE behave like one…

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Living up to one’s name, that has always been the challenge. To be blessed by the ONE, you need to please Him, you need to be of unblemished character, you need to be of substance not just in FORM.

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