Doing an OBAMA in Malaysia, Wasn’t Mahathir our first OBAMA?

There were questions and dissatisfaction. There were pitiful laments. There have been accusations how racists Malaysians, particularly the  Malays are. When will the Malays accept a Chinese or  an Indian to be a Prime Minister?The more sober would cynically say that The US has taken 200 years to accept an African American.

Let us look at the story of OBAMA. His father was a Kenyan Muslim. His mother was an Anglo Saxon/White. He was brought up as a Christian. He had to work hard to convince the Amerian public he is a true and devout Christian. He has been brought up as an Anglo Saxon/white. He speaks English not Kenyan. He only put on his Kenyan garb for the camera. He did not belong to the Kenyan/african cultural and education Association to fight for Kenyan/african School. He does not send his daughters to SRJK(kenyan). He went to Harvard. He is for all intent and purpose very much an anglo saxon except for the color of his skin.

To apply the same principles and concept to the Malaysian story, we would expect this Chinese or Indian to marry a Malay. The offspring is brought up as a Muslim. He attends Sekolah Kebangsaan, and finally goes to a University in Malaysia. He is at ease with the Malay culture. He is not a member of MCA or MIC. His progress in politics is likely to be accelerated if he is in UMNO. If he is in PAS or Keadilan there is still the opportunity.

Wasn’t Tun Mahathir our first OBAMA? Not this idea for change or equality and not equating the two characters but purely looking at bloodlines and culture, and that the concept of Malays as Nationals or Bangsa does not discriminate color or creed.

There is a need to understand the concept of BANGSA MELAYU. To many Malays Melayu is not ethicity.

Did you mention Syed Hamid ? no I will not vote for him.

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