Chinese School vs SEkolah Kebangsaan – Taman Megah has done it again

It has been a wonderful year for Taman Megah. Yesterday the UPSR result confirmed its position as the top school in Malaysia. At least that is what I think and many of the parents. Seventy over students scored 5 As out of a total of 160. Very very good!

My Aiman is one of those. She is currently in Australia under the Taman Megah International student Exchange Program.

Amazingly they achieved all these without compromising their growing up years. The kids of Taman Megah are a happy lot. They enjoy the company of their teachers, they love and respect the Guru Besar, the able Puan Khoo, they have so many activities, they travel, they make friends, they live as Malaysians. It rub on their parents too.

Have a look at this video from Aiman’s blog. Here is a bunch of kids having fun while preparing for the national robotic competition. Safia, jason, shun yeen and Mirza. This video was produced and edited by  Jason Wee. The others were the cameraman. Well done Jason!!! I like it so much. I have seen nerds from other schools during the competition, but all of  you were so cool.


12 Responses to Chinese School vs SEkolah Kebangsaan – Taman Megah has done it again

  1. shunyeen says:

    THANK YOU !! You spelled my name correctly!!:)

  2. Pn Khoo says:

    Hi, Pn Khoo here. :)) Gives me a great feeling seeing our children learning and enjoying it all at the same time! SKTM could not have done all these without fantastic support from children, parents n of course not forgetting teachers!

    Yep, we did it again! 45% of our Yr 6 pupils scored 5As! A passing rate of 94.5%. My heartiest congratulations to each n everyone of u! Have u thanked all those who helped u achieve that, children? Your parents, teachers, grandparents, tuition teachers, brothers/sisters/uncles/aunties…..the list goes on. Don’t forget ok?

    To all the children who did not do so well, remember that hard work & perseverance will get u there someday!

    A little melancholic when I think of our Yr 6 children leaving.. We will NEVER forget u & hope that it goes both ways!!! SKTM BOLEH.

    • Jeremiah says:

      Its encouraging to know that Taman Megah is a wonderful school. But one of the links to the article above talks about BTN indoctrination of Kebangsaan school and the Islamic agenda. Also when I visited the school recently, I see most of the teachers are Malays. Is this a wise hiring strategy when most of the students are Chinese?

      I would be glad if Pn Khoo can provide some comments as we are considering SKTM as a potential school for our child.

      • inspigoblog says:

        I was once a teacher, in a university. A true teacher is color blind. He or she does not see the eager eyed hungry for knowledge students as malay, chinese or indians or kadazans. A true teacher is blind to color and creed.
        i was once a student(still is) as everyone of us. The many teachers that had shaped my life for the better are of different colors and creed. Do not let politicians to continue seeing life along racial and political lines.
        Salute to the teachers of Taman Megah under the leadership of Pn Khoo. Chauvinism is not race specific. You can smell them like rotten rats from afar.

  3. inspigoblog says:

    Pn Khoo,

    It has been enriching for everyone, parents included. Was it Jason or shunyeen that had his first cup of coffee in Batu Pahat. and now they are coffee addicts?
    Reading the children’s blog we know that they are richer in experience, knowledge and world view. They are not nerds, for sure.
    As a parent, I am pleased. Thank you.

  4. siewann says:

    I used to be a student of SKTM. a longgg time ago. when it was called SRTM. You can imagine how old i am now. haha. We started with 4 classes for each standard. Finished Yr 6 in 1998. I can only imagine how those students felt achieving 5As. I was among them. And how times have changed. There’s a blog now, comments being exchanged. Back then, no blog, nothing. I am currently working in New York City and I can truly say I am proud to be from SKTM. SKTM BOLEH! and congratulations to students who put their heart and soul and 101% for UPSR.

  5. Jason says:

    I had my coffee with your family in Old Town Coffee, along with Mirza. Shun Yeen had his first in your hotel room! :)

  6. julia says:

    YAY… go SKTM….

  7. Mei says:

    I am staying in ara damansara, which is the nearest kebangsaan school shool i attend

  8. inspigoblog says:

    I think thereis a kebangsaan school near ara damansara. u may give tamn megah a is quite near if u go thru the tunnel

  9. aufa joe says:

    yay!!i am sooooo proud to be a student in SKTM!!go SKTM!!

  10. JK says:

    So where do kids go for the their secondary school after they finish their primary at SKTM….

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