Korban, Sacrifice, perpetuating opression

Can someone help me please. My view is going against the grain. I am of the opinion that Qurban, korban, or sacrifice is a pagan ritual and God never ask for sacrifice.

That is very much against conventional or mainstream Islam. Eid ul Adha is 3 weeks away. The celebration of Haj, or the celebration of sacrifice is the time when the sacrifice of Ishmael by Abraham is reenacted throughout the Muslim world.

Now I am saying it is against God’s will.

When I was in the Navy we liked to make a mickey of the motto. Instead of “sedia berkorban” we made it to “sedia dikorban”. It was tough and a real sacrifice. Who needs sacrifices? Cruel Presidents, sick generals, dictators, despots, kings, sultans, those in power . They sacrifice anyone of less importance for their own survival. Pawns are sacrificed and even Queens are sacrificed as long as the king is protected.

The concept of Sacrifice is a cruel   HUMAN  survival tool. It is therefore important for the powers  that be in a non democratic countries, to ensure the CONCEPT lives on. In return the concept of heroes, decorations,  glorifies SACRIFICE. Even the priests get sucked in. Why not sacrifice a priest on the sacrificial altar. Why always the maiden, the downtrodden, the privates and the conscript that get sacrificed? If I were a King I would make sure this concept is glorified.

The Iban and kadazan call the helicopters  and aeroplane manok which is the word for burung or bird. It is the concept of bird and flying that they understand. Similarly when God says that when  you slaughter livestock do not forget to glorify Him  for the Bounty and do not forget that you have a responsibility towards the poor and the needy Man consider it as SACRIFICE because when he was a Hindu or a Idol worshipper that is the concept he understands.

We tend to interpret a new concept based on our knowledge, tradition, customs, and things we understand. So command to glorify his name and help the poor and needy  is translated as sacrifice  and sometimes put in Brackets as SACRIFICE.

Our rule of engagement in war  is very clear. If you are driven from the home land, if you are not allowed to glorify God,. When such thing happen, hijrah or retaliate. In such a case it is no longer sacrifice. It is a responsibility. It is for your own survival that you go to war. I do not consider that as sacrifice. Only despots and imperialist go to war to gain new land and will make their subjects sacrifice. Bush sacrifice the young conscripts in IRAQ and Afghanistan.

When God asks us to spend towards a good cause, towards His cause,  He does not consider it as sacrifice, he considers that as LOAN.  he considers that as a BEaUTIFUL advance.

SACRIFICE is an oppressive concept. A loan is not. Do not confuse sacrifice with responsibility or Loan or advances.

Was Abraham asked to sacrifice Ishmael? The Quran is silent from  who the command came from.

May Allah guides all and gives us  Hidayah.


9 Responses to Korban, Sacrifice, perpetuating opression

  1. Pezze says:

    From my perspective, God did not ask for Abraham to ‘sacrifice’ Ishmael. What he asked was for Ishmael to slaughtered, an obedience test, for both father and son, committing to their faith. This also serves as an axample of faith an obedience to Him. A supreme test.

    What we have been taught all this time however had been taken from a different perspective and given a spin to serve various purpose as you rightly pointed out.

    I would risk being called blasphemous in saying that the ‘ibadah korban’ as it is practised today is pointless. For example, many cattles are slaughtered at the Bukit Jelutong or Kelana Jaya mosque and then being distributed within that neighbourhood. No one is really sure if the so-called ‘fakir miskin’ even receive at least a kilo.

    It would be better to collect the cash and refurbish an orphanage, in my opinion, or hold a kenduri at old folks home. During ibadah korban, the communities’ mosques have become like a club, much like suraus have become local pubs.

    muslims today need to re-examine what they practice and what they have been thought. Some thinking is needed.

  2. inspigoblog says:


    The Book of Wisdom can mean different things to different people

  3. Pezze says:

    Strongly agree with you on that point.

  4. Ijam says:

    Yup. Agreed.

    “Siapakah yang mahu memberi pinjaman kpd Allah, pinjaman yang baik (menafkahkan hartanya di jalan Allah) maka Allah akan melipat gandakan pembayaran kepadanya dengan lipat ganda yang banyak. Dan Allah menyempitkan dan melapangkan rezkiNya dan kepadaNyalah kamu dikembalikan”. Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 245

  5. inspigoblog says:

    kalau lah kambing dan lembu dan unta ada insurans sudah tentu kayaraya ejen dan juruperunding

  6. Ijam says:

    Hehe, janganlah cakap macam tu. Saya cuma mencari rezki yg halal. Pak Esam ni bila nk beli keyman insurans? form dah sain, payment xde lagi ni :)

  7. inspigoblog says:

    bekerja dan berusahalah. Siapa yang berusha dia akan berjaya,

  8. along says:

    muahahahhahahahaha ijam!! aku berusaha!

  9. Ijam says:

    huhuhu kena aku sebijik. xpe xpe pagi2 khamis nanti saya ada kt depan ofis protank hehehe

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