Yangoon, wrapped in time by the sanction

I saw an old bus, the most antiquated I have seen in my life. It must be the serial production after the first world war. Not in a museum but in downtown Yanggon. still chugging along, fully laden with commutters in lunghi.

I was driven around in a 1970 hotel limousine, E230 mercedes which has not had its 4 absorbers replaced in its entire life. The driver was a 23 year old International Relation graduate, a girl, very knowledgeable and capable. Her total take home pay was USD 100 a month.

We went to the University area where Auyang Syu Ki has been holed up. There were signs of multiple barricades . The road leading to her residence  were full of potholes.

There were massive parks,  beautiful parks but overgrown with undergrowth and unkempt.

There were many old city charms, classical buildings that are in total neglect. But there were also new beautiful bungalows which amplify the contrast.

I read the evening publication which sound more like a communist CHINA party bulletin. Praise the leaders. Beware of the colonialists. We are proud and civilised Myanmars.

The richness was reflected in the pagodas. It was intoxicating indeed. Opium anyone?

Has the sanction work? I say no.  The Generals continue their grip and the control on the wealth. The people are the one that suffer.

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