Thank you, a BIG thank you to the Chapmans

This is overdue. I want to thank the Chapmans for hosting and tolerating Aiman for three full weeks.

To   Darren, Sharon, James, Taylor and  Georgia, I must tell you all, how privileged it has been for  Aiman  to have you as her family. There were a few phone calls but generally it has been radio silence from both sides, which was what an ideal exchange program should be.

This morning as we were having breakfast and discussing about the tree house  that need repainting,  aiman told us about  Georgia’s cub house. As we, the Sunday mall rats, were driving back home, she talked fondly about Marli the pooch. As I have been away, the mummy has been telling me that, aiman has not stopped talking about  Australia. It must be the most special and most enriching three weeks of her life. Read her post in her blog, loving Australia

I heard there were glitches with one of the kids but let us not allow it to  spoil the spirit of ISSE. ISSE  is a special initiative, to promote international goodwill and understanding. It is an enriching program. We have achieved a lot of those. I would not like it to be diluted by any one individual.

As adults we have the benefit of saying ‘ kids will always be kids’, but we must also remember there is the kiddie stuff in many of us  adults too. Move on, take it in our stride, and continue enjoying the good vibes,

When Aiman gets married, we will invite you over. But that is too far away!!


2 Responses to Thank you, a BIG thank you to the Chapmans

  1. Sharon says:

    The pleasure was all ours!! You have a beautiful, intelligent, well-balanced daughter, who found no problem adjusting to the “Aussie” way of life.

    As you would know from your time spent with Georgia, the ISSE experience for us, the host family, was just as rewarding and memorable as it was for Aiman.

    We will cherish those times until we meet again….I hope that is long before Aiman’s wedding!!!

  2. aiman esham says:

    What?! I’m not gonna get married another 13 or more years!

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