Malaysian Economy – Good feeling in abundance

In Dubai Malaysian expatriates are being laid off.

In Malaysia engineers are being recruited.

Is this for real? Even if it is not, the “good feeling” strategy does seem to be working.

Mega Mall was packed to the brim. The car jockeys at Cititel refused to accept any more car. The GARDEN was more civil.

The Bangladeshi labours are still arriving by the plane load. The Headboy of the GLCs was quoted saying, most GLCs are prepared to ride the storm.

The ang mo expats are still thronging the pasarmalam at Bangsar.

In the O&G for the past ten years  it was an employee market. It was miserable for employers, with engineers coming and going., mostly going.  Now it looks like the wheel has turned. There are 300000 Malaysians in Singapore whose work is on the balance.

The construction industry has been bad for the past 5 years.  With the new Prime Minister Najib, the pump priming may be up his sleeve. So that is one opportunity for the returning expat. But do not ask too much!!

If you visit the Sungai Way Free Trade Zone, there are many factories (multinationals) that have dissappeared. Have all the  Indonesians operators been sent back?  No mention at all for fear of disrupting confidence!!!

The good feeling in abundance.

Jazz party next week? but be prepared not to wet your pants next year. This may happen to you.


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