Mumbai Killers

It is heartening to hear the many Mosque Committes in Mumbai refusing to accept the bodies of the Mumbai killers for burial. They have made a very powerful statement indeed, that indiscriminate, ghoulish killings have nothing to do with what ever religion.

One columnist in the IHT tried to compare the Mumbai killing to that of the Danish carricaturing of Prophet Muhammad. The latter caused an outpouring of anger by the Muslim community world wide but there is no demonstration to denounce the Mumbai killing in the Muslim world.

That to me is an unfair and a sinister comparison.

The fact of the matter is that terrorist attack do not discriminate against muslim or non muslim cities. Both Muslims and non-muslims are victims.

However having said that, I tend to agree that there is no excuse, no need to justify, no need to even explain the despicable act. There is no need to justify or explain for the poisoned mind of those killers.

They think they are doing the ultimate SACRIFICE. See my earlier posting on Qurban, korban and sacrifice.


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