Eid ul Adha

To those who have just completed their Hajj, this is the day for rejoicing. Celebrate. Time to feast. Slaughter the four legged domesticated cattle and share that with the needy and the poor.

I am avoiding the word sacrifice or offering, as I believe that this simple instruction by God to share and and to be responsible for the poor and needy has been spinned to allow the masses to be exploited by oppressors.

On this joyous occasion let us glorify God. Let us glorify and be thankful by for His mercy by being and sharing with the masses.

The important message is the communal spirit, the need for the haves to help the have nots, the breaking of the barriers and to celebrate by sharing. In His eyes it is your righteousness that matters.

Now that you are no longer shepherds and your wealth are no longer measured in the number of sheep and cattle, why not allocate a fraction of your wealth to the communal cause.


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