Adam’s Birthday

I wish tomorrow is still the 8th of December. The birthday boy refused to let go the joy of birthday.

He has been  doing the preparation for the 8th of December since 6 month ago. As far as he is concerned,  8/12 is a magical day, when  all his wishes are  going to come true.

He received his first invite to a birthday party from xxx. How grateful he was. The mother had to drive him from one Mc Donald to another in search for the venue.

His second invite was to the Sec 14 Mc Donald. When we arrived it was devoid of any party. We were one day ahead of schedule. So he was determined to return the gesture by sending invitations two weeks before the school holidays.

He received a present and a birthday card from Georgia and the Chapmans in Melbourne, supposed to be opened on his birthday. Alas the celebration started the moment he recieved the present.
Not to dissappoint him, everyone in the family gathered at Burger King to don the party hats to sing Happy Birthday to him. None of his friend turned up, understandably so, but we had a good time.

He received two remote controllers, to replace the one he broke in his tantrum. That saved him the RM 50 fine he has agreed to withdraw from his bank account.

Georgie called from Melbourne to wish him Happy Birthday. The Big sister called from Jakarta.

The Feast of Eidul Adha was also on the 8th. So it was a day long feasting.

We did our James Bond family ritual. The Quantum of Solace, all 11 of us minus the Big sister. After the movie, we had tosai and roticanai at Makbul.

He got what he wanted, makbul, is the word. No more birthday today, but he got his transformer from Toy r us.


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