Three done, Five more to go ( Anem has done it!!!)

The Eshams had a whale of a time. We were celebrating boting’s graduation. Everyone was dressed up. Little adam looked very handsome with his bow tie. I am very formal he said. He behaved like a perfect gentleman.

He was also showing off his newly acquired etiquette and his table manners, how to properly have your soup.

The Cuban duet entertained us. Big brother was showing off his Spanish. Everyone danced except big brother.

The guest of honour came complete with the mortar board.

We adjourned to the lobby having expressos, affagattos and cream brule. The girls were singing the night away.

You have to work hard guys in order to have a taste of the good life. It is also time guys to show your gratitude to Him. How do you show gratitude to Him? also remember that there are also simple things in life that do not cost anything.

It was past two by the time we got home.

Congratulations Anem!!


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