Sek Kebangsaan or Chinese School – Excellent Standard of English @ Taman Megah

The ongoing debate whether to continue with English for Mathematics and Science has been nerve wrecking. The flipflops have been very frustrating.

What if the Government decides to accede to the insecure Chinese and Malay nationalists or chauvinist demands. It has been reassuring, that Taman Megah will fight for the continued teaching of Mathematics and Science in English.

The standard of English in Taman Megah has been outstanding. Given that this is an affluent neighborhood, but credit must be given to the school for creating an environment for the development and acquisition of the language.

My 8 year old is a perfect example. On completion of his kindergarten I raise my concern on his ablity to speak English. Now after two years at Taman Megah, his command of English has been miraculous.

This is achieved not at the expense of the mother tounge and the national language. I am pushing them to acquire the third language.

If you are a parent contemplating for the choice of school, my vote goes to Sekolah Taman Megah. Well done hishamudin, the Minister and the principal of Taman Megah and the teachers for making SK Taman Megah special.


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