Singapore – the outcrop is solid as a rock

Malaysians have a piece of the world right at their doorstep. This is no ordinary outcrop. There are beautifully crafted economically vibrant new buildings, there are grand historic buildings. The Singaporeans have just completed the urban rejuvenation program. Old shops and grand historic buildings have been restored and made functional and aesthetically done up.

It is so difficult to find a fault in the Singapore you see.

The rain trees have replaced the old angsanas. I visited the Botanical Garden, a short distance from Orchard Road. The young maiden, the girl on the bike are work of arts amongst the greens. I love gardens but the obscene structures you see in Malaysian gardens and the low quality trees and plants make you puke.

Orchard Road is still the mother of all malls. They have made Orchard into a giant shopping malls. The christmas shopping and the build up to the new year is second to none. I have not seen anything better then this. You have street performers, street decorations, the lightings and the floats stretching the whole length.

It is reclaiming the no 1 spot in Asia. Will it survive the recession? will you put your money in Singapore? I would.


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