CEO goblog – The transformation

I say it loud to the people I lead in my organization. Our mission is to improve our quality of life. You could say that I see it as my main leadership responsibility. I pursue it with dogged determination. There is no better phrase to describe it. Yes, I do work like a dog sometimes. The phrase “enjoy the view while climbing the mountain” is appropriate.

I am enjoying it. You could see the change taking place and that gives you the greatest pleasure and along comes the material benefits for all to share.

Central to the change initiatives is PROFITABILITY. As a business entity it is money that drives the program. We have to be profitable to make changes. It was PRofitability that was my first focus. How are you going to improve your quality of life if there is little money you take home? How can my engineers earn as much as German engineers and enjoy the quality of good health and material benefits that they do? Those are our benchmarks.

Key to the transformation is ME. I need to transform first before anything else. The change in our mission statement encapsulate the change in my thought process. WE share the same objective, to improve our quality of life. The young engineer wants to drive that fancy car, have that beautiful house, travel the world as much as I do. So that becomes our common mission.

The greatest challenge to change is the management, sadly. It is the comfort zone and the warmth of the shit they are in that make many resist change. There is no better way to describe status quo. Status quo is defined as the shit you are in.

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