Biasiswa Bumiputra hanya untuk anak UMNO ?- mana meritokrasi melayu

Melayu takut dengan meritokrasi? sebenarnya tidak, hanya suku sakat umno yang takut dan menakut-nakutkan melayu. Mereka takut kehilangan hak merampas hak bumiputra dan melayu.

Saya sering memperkatakan bahwa Melayu jika amalkan meritokrasi, walaupun dikalangan mereka sendiri bolih tandingi dunia. Ambil sahaja contoh yang terbukti , The Malay College Kuala Kangsar, MCKK, suatu institusi melayu yang kekal dengan nama dan isinya.. Selepas Merdeka sehingga akhir 70an, meritokrasi diamalkan tanpa kompromi. Hasilnya produk MCKK unggul menandingi terbaik didunia.

PETRONAS adalah satu lagi contoh dimana penubuhannya berasasakan meritokrasi Melayu.

Malangnya, UMNO bermula dari Mahathir mula memandang ke pusat sendiri, naik berahi syok sendiri. Jika kamu bukan AJK UMNO Bahagian lupakan, anak kamu walau pandai melangit biasiswa luarnegara akan dirampas olih langau-langau.

Dua hari lepas saya menemuduga seorang graduan UITM anak “security Guard”. Kenapa tidak dapat keluarnegara? kawannya yang punya kelulusan yang tidak setanding, dapat tawaran, ia menunjuk kehairanan.

Saya sarankan PKR dan PAS atau mana-mana NGO buat kajian

a. Berapa ramai anak UMNO, MCA, MIC dapat biasiswa ke United Kingdom. Mungkin Pak Unggal bolih bantu.

b. Berapa ramai anak UMNO yang tinggal di MARA hostel di dunia. Pasti ramai, keran sewa di London GBP 100 seminggu. Mereka mengambil hak Melayu lain.

Gadaikan lah masa depan melayu UMNO!!!

8 Responses to Biasiswa Bumiputra hanya untuk anak UMNO ?- mana meritokrasi melayu

  1. Boeing says:

    This is all a myth bro. There is on such thing. I have yet to meet someone’s kid is victimised by their political views. hitler once said a lie told frequently will be believed.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Bro boeing,
    i am lamenting on the state of affairs in the award of overseas scholarship now compared to the 70s, where and when meritocracy was religously practiced by the malay buereucrats and politicians, in the selection of scholars.
    The title may be misleading, but the focus of my posting is the need for Malays to believe and start practicing MERITOCRACY among themselves.
    It is not a myth that the less connected malays, malays that do not use the political cables will have to be contented with BANTUAN PTPTN, and they call it bantuan and contented with local institutions because the overseas scholarships have been robbed by the son and daughters of the connected and the JPA beurecrats and the MARA beurecrats.
    Let us fight for MERITOCRACY bro. Once it is entrenched i do not care whether he is the son of the PM or ketua bahagian or the Sec Gen of government ministries, as long as he or she has been transparently and fairly selected for that scholarship.
    even CHUA SOI LEK in his interview in off the edge said ” i wish the malays practice meritocracy among themselves”

  3. B747 says:

    I still this issue is being blown out of proportion. Though I do believe that from time to time even collegians had used their internal connection to get scholarship but not to an extend of robbing others.
    The state to a certain extent does practice meritocracy, though maybe limited. In the 70’s those collegians who had Aggregate of 15 or lower were given scholarships. And nobody knows whether those JPA and MARA bureaucrats are members of UMNO,PKR or PAS for that matter.If you want to blame anyone blame the Malays of the authorities themselves, not solely on UMNO.

  4. inspigoblog says:

    brother boeing,
    Meritocracy in order to be effective has to be a doctrine, a policy and then translated into processes, procedures and practices. The opposite is mediocrity, law of the averages, hidden under nepotism, corruption, parochialism, nationalism, tribalism.

    It then become entrenched into your belief system, jeoulously gurded trough transparency, good governance and desciplines. It cannot be practiced at convenience. You either have it or you dont.

    i have been trained to believe that there are no bad followers but bad leaders. UMNO is the leader so i have to ask UMNO to take responsibilkity and start believing in meritocracy and not hide behind mediocrity to rob the malays.

    I can agree with you that the perception that UMNO has been robbing the malays is a MYTH. As with any myths I am challenging for the myth to be busted.

    But my experience in the last 10 years tells me that many of the overeas scholarship winners are BAHAGIAN linked. Anak ketua bahgian, ajk bahagian, anak ptd, sec gen, pengarah tu pengarah ni.

    Please bust this myth scientifically. Can someone help?

  5. admin says:

    saya tak tahulah sama ada anak pengarah itu atau anak ketua bahagian dapat scholarships, saya anak petani, ayah saya makan nasi dengan budu. alhamdulillah dapat biasiswa.

    kes saya satu dalam seribu? wallahu alam.. hehehehe…

  6. inspigoblog says:

    Sdr. admin
    satu dalam 5 kot, taklah sampai 1 dalam seribu. This myth need to be busted!! i happen to know 4 fortunate oversea undergraduates who are contemporaries of my children. All 4 happen to be son and daughters of UMNOites. While the rest have to rely on PAMA or be contented with local U. POstgrad are not included in statistical study.

    Let us hear more.

  7. makteh says:

    my sister, she’s doing medicine overseas on own expenses.
    she’s a true blue melayu, born and bred as a melayu, biologically and physically.
    earlier enquiry with mara, they said that they only give ‘financial assistance’ for those in UK/OZ.
    late last year she befriended the son of a damn rich high ranking umno’ite
    they submit the application together
    application succesful. she got it this time, fast enough, previously unbeleivable by malaysian civil service standard.

    yes, the issue is real. dont be too defensive
    i call it victimisation of fellow malays.

    isn’t that the right for scholarship is entrenched in the constitution 153/152 ?

    – teh, kuala langat

  8. inspigoblog says:

    umno as a malay institution need to be strenthened and cleaned up off the many roaches, langau, rodents. Ethnic cleansing needs to be aggresively pursued
    we need to expose, to put pressure so that it become a formidable respected institution
    read my posting on malay institutions, it include the police, the civil service, keretapi tanah melayu, the military
    unfortunately the police as an example, is rotten to he core, even traffic lights are no longer respected, ini kan pula ……..

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