PAKATAN Rakyat,Ngeh and Nga Vs THE Sultan of Perak

With the drama unfolding in Perak over the fall of the Pakatan Rakyat government, we are seeing the antics and theatrics of not just the politicians but almost every Malaysian.

Being so used to absolute Mahathirism and many years of impotent monarchy, the new openness and the assertion of power and rights by royalty led by none other then the Perak Sultan, Malaysians are having trouble intrepreting the system of government vis-a vis the constitution.

Many forget that the Sultans is one of the four pillars of the system of government. With the royalty, asserting itself in the quadruplet centers of power, we have in our system of democracy a check and balance that is uniquely Malay and Malaysia. Other countries have only three, the judiciary, the executives and parliament. We have another one , the Sultans. Rightfully so, because they were one of the key stakeholders in the negotiation for independence.

People have to recognize the benefits of having another institution to provide check and balance. Neither one has ABSOLUTE POWER. The insinuation by Karpal Sing that if the judiciary rule in favour of the Sultan, the country is going to be absolute monarchy, is mischievous. It depends on the rakyat, how much power you want to give them. The same goes with the executives. Under Mahathir we had ABSOLUTE MAHATHIR, so it is not new. We are in a better state now.

To challenge the SULTAN, although constitutionally and democratically acceptable, to me is just an act of  political spinning, nak menang sorak and jadi hero.

I am actually astounded, those who demonstrated were mainly PAS and Keadilan supporters. Only the Malays demonstrated.  Sungguh setia penyokong NGEH dan NGA yang berselindung dibelakang niTSAR. Dulu tersenggeh sengeh sekarang ternganga, said a friend.  He is being cheeky here.

I am actually scared to see the outbursts of supporters of PAS. The sense of justice , adherence to principles are necessary to inherit the moral high ground.   When the decision is not to their favor, they start throwing tantrums. No one, pakatan or BN, has the right to inherit the moral high ground. Both are practitioners of gutter politics. Please read my entry on ULAMa’  in DESIGNERS SUITS

THE SULTAN of PERAK has once again made a decision, that is right and within his power and I am sure with the right procedures. THe Malays and Malaysians in general must not be fooled by the theatrics and instead THANKFUL that we have a another CHECK and BALANCE in the form of the Sultanate.

While the high drama is unfolding, many forget there is  another one that has been laying in waiting, the MILITARY

Did you say it was not a wise decision? You can debate it, until the chicken shit cool down….


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