The Malaysian Class (read caste) System

Malaysians celebrate Thaipusam today.

If there is one thing Malaysian need to learn from the political drama and power play unfolding in Perak is the fact that the CASTE system is well entrenched in Malaysia. To make it more palatable it is refered to as Class. It is not just the upper Class and Middle class and working class as in post war Britain, but it looks like the Brahmin, kastriyas, sudras, and parias and others I cannot remember  are pretty well established and easily identifiable. It may require a little hard work but the clash of classes has been visible.

Logical incrementalism at work. Without us realising it we are already in a CLASS or CASTE system. The ruling class will rule  and the artisan will slog to send their  children to  schools, the peasants will demonstrate and the priests will sell the words of god for pittance. The soldiers lay waiting and the pariahs will be pariahs.

The main players are the ruling class.  Coincidentally, this morning,  I was reading about the political dynasties of Onn Jaafar, Razak Hussin, Taib Mahmud and the wannabe abdullah KJ written by Dolah Kok lanas in off the Edge. Pity Khir Toyo the one wth no Class…ooops sorry, no Dynasty.

You will lament, where is democracy, where is jusice. Continue doing that as that is your job and the job spec of your Class. They will take what ever is necessary to cling to power.  Call it Machiavellian, or whatever. THey will not offer any apologies . They are not scholars, they are power hunters. People can debate about the wisdom until the chicken shit cools down, they say.

They acted in accordance with  the constitutions they say and  they will justify .

In a Caste Society Hinduism offers reincarnation . Any other choice?  Take opium, said Karl Marx or be a religionist.

As for me,  I am happy to be a Bon Vivant, enjoy the good life, be a class nomad,  while preparing for the after. That sounds like a class of my own.

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