Clash of the Classes ; peasants versus monarch

In my last posting I argued that the Malaysian Caste System or Class System is well entrenched. Many Malaysians are in denial that what we have been seeing in the last month or so, since the fall of the Pakatan government of PERAK, is actually a clash between the ruling Class/the Monarch and the peasants or commoners.

Before I presented further views on the subject, there is a gentle reminder to all peasants. Fact number one, there exist in Malaysia two ruling forces, the MOnarch anad the commoners. Fact number TWO   there are many royalists even amongst the peasants.

For a Class Nomad like me, I can thrive in either system. You can say I am a Classless bon Vivant, or those who do not like my style may say I have no class. The fact of the matter is I am in a Class of My own. You may use the word STYLE if you so wish.

In the 70s when I said I was a citizen of the world, my mates were thinking that I was the remnants of the  flower children, the product of the commune. Yes I was, and so was Kennedy when during his inauguration  he addressed the world, ” fellow citizens of the world…” was it 1963?I was infected,  I was an enlightened  kampung kid listening to Radio America.

But Malaysia is not America. Malaysia is not Great Britain. Our Constitution is not the MAGNA CARTA. In Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, the Sultans are sovereign. FACT no 3 to all peasants, the Malay Sultans have never given up their sovereignty, not even in the Pangkor Treaty. So Karpal singh, you and Pak Lah and mamat, all  makkal, ah beng and tambi,  are all peasants!!!!

Even Mahathir did not remove the soveregnity, the power. What mahathir did was to put them to be more responsible, to be more accountable, and to make them answerable to their own court.

So all these outburst, demonstrations are indeed misbehaviours for those without knowledge OR the knowledgeable and well schooled are purposely inciting a revolution not unlike the French Revolution. Get rid of the Monarch or do A CROMWELL.

Just a gentle reminder to all peasants, the word ROYAL in the various units of the military is not for decorative purpose. For the well schooled, make your choice, read more about the History of the Country.


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