The demolition strategy – Discredit, discredit, discredit

Goliath has been in power for half a century. David has been fighting hard and inching towards demolishing the mighty goliath. Not the old story from the scripture, but  I am referring to the fight for power between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

The demolition strategy is very simple. Discredit, discredit, discredit!! It is done in very simple language. At every ceramah, by whosoever, on every posting in the internet, the message is the same. The BN Goverment has lost its credibility, the Police has lost its credibility, the judiciary has lost its credibility, the PM has lost his credibility, the TPM has lost his credibility, UMNO has lost its credibility, MCA   and MIC has lost its credibility. The anti establishment feeling is being built up …..fired up by the master strategist.

There were attempts to ridicule the military. Good sense prevailed. It stopped. The latest under attack is the MACC, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency.

Nothing compares to the attempt to demolish the sovereignty of the Sultan. This is the ultimate gamble. It is going to be  the point of no return.

When the Sultan is under attack, one begins to wonder, what is left? Which institution is credible?. With the indiscriminate onslaught, one begins to realize that this is time of war. One also begin to wonder and ask, what is fact and which is fiction. The political war did not end after the general election, as what a maturing democracy should be. Every action is politicised and attacked and counter attacked at every opportunity. There is no descrimination between truth and half truth and falsehood.

One begins to wonder is it UMNO they are demolishing? OR is it the usual, the conventional, the old order , the old ways they are demolishing”? Is it a revolution that is being built up or are we in the midst of a revolution, a quiet revolution?

It reminds me of the advertisement by ASTRO. The new order is the order of the day, challenge the old ways, we are the future. I thought that was a brave advertisement , whatever has been established and agreed need to be reviewed. We move the world, so it claim.

UMNO and the BN seems devoid of any intellectual capability to fend of the attack. They make mistakes after mistakes. Where is the Secgen? Who is the master strategist? This is no mean threat.

UMNO has to select the best from its ranks to take this bull by the horn. Meritocracy UMNO, Meritocracy, not some bird brained from some birdy kampung.

If you were a master strategist for UMNO what would you do?


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