I have to say something on the KUGAN’s case

I just have to let it out. It was brutal, it was incompetence, it was inhumane, it was a failure of leadership.

It was brutal. Even if he was a criminal he did not deserve such torture. What has become of hadhari?

It was incompetence. It was plain stupidity. It was a total lack of professional integrity and I am not talking about the police, I am referring to  the keepers of the Hippocratic oaths. The learned, the knowledgeable, but lacking in integrity and holistic principle. Where is  the wisdom ? Lost in the pile of knowledge?.

It was inhumane. It was a total lack of justice.  Humanity was murdered in Gaza and in Taipan. But why on earth, SERDANG gets sucked into it?

It was a total failure of leadership. Instead of protecting the institution individuals are being protected. It was  a simple Crisis Management yet the leadership of the various institutions involved failed to respond appropriately. . The well tested and always proven,  effective response plan would have been to  dissociate, dissociate, dissociate. Promise Justice. Take action. But when, injustice is the norm, when the herd culture is the norm, the bearers of responsibility are likely to  blinded in their sight, the heart and the soul. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I have no conscience.

When religion is ritual, when the words of God are sold for pittance, when hypocrisy thrives on hypocrisy, even a simple case of leadership and governance become an issue. When patronage and moral corruption is one and the same thing, what is there left to do? Clean them up!!

DISSOCIATE, dissociate,condemn, condemn, get the culprit fast. Malaysia dissociates from the TAIPAN Police Investigation team. Malaysia dissociates from the CPO who defended his Policemen. Malaysia dissociates from the first pathologist and the SERDANG Hospital Director. Malaysia wants justice. Malaysia wants these people involved to search their souls.

If people entrusted with power and authority fail  in executing their  duties and responsibilities, the most honorable thing they can do  is to RESIGN!!!

Let us do that cultural transfer instead of just technology transfer. Bring the samuari sword!!! but let us be realistic. It will take some time they can accept harakiri as a cullture. For the time being a simple resignation letter would do.


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