CYNICISM a powerful destructive tool

Politically, in between the establishment and the ruled, there is a lot  CYNICISM. We see a lot of cynicism in our discussion group, our daily “kedai kopi”conversation, in SMS’s flying aroubd.

IN our e-groups, in our e-communications  how we wish there is less cynicism. How we wish, there are less one liners, but more of concise articulation of thoughts. No smart alecks, trying to be witty with a one liner punch line.

In one of my earlier posting to my e group, I wrote, “This is a serious subject. Let us cut the rhetoric, the one liner punch line, in the style of mr sabu or benny hill or dave allan. The one liner is usually a display of wit, it can be thoroughly enjoyable, But we are requesting you to share with us your deeper feeling and thoughts. We may be economical in our use of words, but let us be constructive. I know you are on a mission to DEMOLISh, but let us spare this forum from that onslaught please.”

On deeper investigation, we will realise that it is actually CYNICISM and that that cynicism is an effective REVOLUTIONARY or demolition strategy. CYNICISM can actually be a mass social movement, an effective anti establishment strategy, but the danger is the loss of truth, the loss of virtue, the destruction of everything we have built. Although the Greek Cynics of old may be traced back to Socrates, the negativity associated with modern cynicism, and the negativity we see amongst  Malaysians  if left unchecked can be the one thing that destroy us.

Coupled the one liner CYNICISM with SMS’s with all the abbreviations, the master strategist has a very powerful communication tool, no Main Stream media can match. They act as spoilers, they will comb every action for flaws, as cynics thrive on faultfinding, although they say they are pursuing virtues.

What is the antidote for CYNICISM? Positive cYNICISM using the one liner too?


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