I find it troubling. There are just too many tell-tale signs that something is not right about law and order, about the police, about the community, about the country. One thing is sure,  the state  has deteriorated, slowly inching towards lawlessness.

I am concerned.

Everyday I see motorcyclist ignoring traffic lights.

I see motorists and taxi drivers peeing by the roadside.

I read  a lot of spins, in the mainstream media.

I hear a lot of cynicism, nothing is good in both sides of the political divide.

I see law makers flaunting the laws.

I see brawls, not in bars but in Parliament.

I see independent institutions taking sides

I need to pay  for security guards for a safe community.

Is it anarchy? Are we there yet?

In certain districts and nooks and corners, I am beginning to feel that I am in some backward country, worse then Indonesia, approaching the like of some impoverished third world country.

Where are the good men? I am good, I will not let it happen


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