Demolitions of Temples, Mosques, Houses of worship,

Overzealous religionists,  wherever they belong in the religious divide, whatever the religion they submit to,  when politically commanding, tend to impose upon infidels, their faith. Physically houses of worships become the target of contempt,  and in the worst case demolition. Is it the right thing to do?

In Malaysia, there was a group of young muslims who were on a demolition spree. A few temples were demolished until they met their match at a temple in Kerling.  They were killed except  one. He was put on trial and subsequently convicted by the Malaysian court. We had a discourse , is it the right thing to do? I say No. He had his reasons, he had his stories and combined that with youthful folly.

Historically, there have been too many examples. After the Inquisitions in  Spain, mosques were converted to churches. In Istanbul, Constantinople was changed to Istanbul and before Atartuk the Sophia was converted to a mosque.

In Islam, there are a few celebrated,  demolition incidents . I used the word celebrate not to reflect joy but widely discussed, stirred a lot of public interests, debated  and interpreted.
a. The demolition  of idols by Abraham
b. The demolition of idols surrounding the Kaaba by Muhammad after taking control of Mecca
c.  The demolition by the taliban of the Banyan Buddha
d. The demolition of the Adhoya Mosque because The  Earlier Muslims demolished the Hindu Temple on the same site

Threading on this sensitive subject, one tries very hard not to be judgmental or play God. I tried to moderate that by posing a speculative Question  ” Would you tell your son to do the same as you did?” Why all these characters  do it, is an interesting read, but the question is would we tell our son to do it.

I posed that question because, in the silence of not saying right or wrong, there were attempts to again celebrate and glorify that sensitive subject.

Although I am a Taliban of the Quran, I am not a scholar of the Quran, therefore I am limited by the inability to quote verses of the Quran.  I read the Quran as a source of Hidayah, but not for the purpose of entering a debate or to earn pittance from. The Quran to me is the guide, which allows me to lead a simple, logical scientific life and also form an opinion which is Quran compliant.

Allow me to opine on the above four celebrated incidents

a. Abraham demolished the idols before receiving wahyu or inspiration by God
b. Muhammad demolished all idols surrounding Masjidil Haram after the Haram was made forbidden to all pagans by God

(Correction on my statement “Muhammad demolished all idols surrounding Masjidil Haram after the Haram was made forbidden to all pagans by God”. The idol demolition was done, after the reclamation of the city from the Pagan Meccans. Mecca, the mother of all cities, the Haram, the area around the Kaaba, has been inherited from Abraham. Thus the destruction was an act of cleansing, a reclamation of the Holy Site where the signs of God are aplenty. The instruction to forbid pagans from the Haram, made it a lot easier politically.)

c. Taliban of Banyan, to me was unnecessary as it brought fitnah to the religion of God. With the political might, the Afghan could follow the ways of the Indonesian by forbidding any worships around Borobodur, or by the way Atatruk did to the Sophia, the church, turning it into a Museum/
d. The demolition of Adhoya mosque, that is the price you pay when you do upon others what you do not like others to do upon you.

My dalil above are not directly from the Quran, but they are dalil from Sunatullah that I see, I read, I hear. I have been given the Guide by HIM, the Almighty, my Wakil, My Maula, my Protector.

In any case, to borrow the metaphorical argument, there are too many idols that we succummbed to in our daily life, the political master, mawi, the finanacial system, the Ustazs or Sheikh that many blindly followed without an opinion of their own.

We are,everyone of us,  is the chosen Khalifah. Please let me know if any of the above is not Quran compliant ( no Hadis except if it comes from Ahhsanul Hadis)

By His Grace.


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