My wish list for 1malaysia, people first, performance first, congratulations DS Najib Razak

Congratulations Dato Seri Najib. You have a good start.  Your tagline 1malaysia,  people first and performanc first, captures my imaginations and my hope. I am willing to give you a chance

It may mean different things to different people. Here is my take, my hope, my wish, my understanding of 1malaysia, people and performance first

1. There is only ONE government of the day. I know it is a coalition government, but i do not expect many governments within the Government of Malaysia. Often Malaysians are sent to different directions by statements made by various leaders of the ethnic based parties, particularly the MCA, the MIC, Gerakan and PPP through their various medias. The STAR once carried a piece of news that the MCA is sending a delegation to CHINA headed by its President. The MIC headed by its president was in INDIA attending the World Indian Congress. Can these leaders be more sensitive towards their homeland if Malaysia is their homeland!!

2. NEP is for the eradication of poverty and color blind. The rights of the Bumiputras are protected in the Constitution, but at the same time we must not ignore the displaced Indians at Kg Kassipillay, jalan kelang Lama, and the Chinese  fishmongers and rural farmers. I had a shock of my life to see the delapidated slums fit for slumdogs of mumabai and Kolkatta, along Jalan Kelang Lama.

3. Meritocracy among the Malays. Special rightsof the Bumiputra means the practice of meritocracy amongst them to prepare them to accept open meritocracy. Once the best of the crop  have the confidence and the support of Bumiputra, open meritocracy will not be an issue.

4. Zero Tolerance for Chauvinisms. Chauvinisms, in whatever form, race or religion, is cancerous. Get them and do not give them the space to influence, be seen and heard.

5. Guarantee Rights to education. That was the focus of Tun Razak. These are his legacies. Mahathir allowed Malaysians to be skinned and squeezed. The Rights of Bumiputra are to the rights to education. Give Bumiputras access to the best instittions in the world.

6. First Class Education and Health. We do not want megastructures, new cities, we want access to world class education and health.

7. Water, we want clean water. No Malaysians shall be denied access to clean water. Do not allow  Muhamad taib and Khir Toyo and the Ghani Othman to mutate in different forms.

8. English, english and English side by side with Malay. Empower the people with the command of English. If the Chauvinists think their mother tongue is supreme, let them do that in the SRJK, religious schools or independent schools. There is only one School of choice that is the sekolah Kebangsaan.

9. Clean up the Police. It is rotten, it is sick, it is doing disservice to the government of the day. Appoint the right IGP. Your father appointed a young officer Tun Hanif who became the youngest IGP ever, and he did a superb job.

10. Clean up the local government. Sink it in the head of the Minister of Local Government that all of them have failed to function. They have done great disservice to the BN . You may think the local government is not an important portfolio but that was the cause of dissatisfactons amongst urbanites.

You get my support ( for now) !!!


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