The bounty that goodness brings, I am blessed

Emak was furious.Who wouldn’t?  The TNB guy was at her door step, with a mission to disconnect the electricity supply. No let up this time, but still I tried to reason out.

I was at the receiving end. I was lost for words. THe Maybank officer who registered the auto debit had assured me that the banking arrangement was already  in the system. But emak would not be able to understand. Azi, poor azi became her punching bag for her barrage of verbal assault and punches.

Another call, it was done!! She would miss her favourite sitcom and that got her boiling.

aright, aright, aright she cynically mocked my anglophile expression in javglish, “alright” in javanese twang.

I kept my cool, as always. kool as a cat would be!!! I lived up to being the  topcat.

The day turned out blessed.

A minute later, adin called.

” What do I do with the money?”

“What money?”

” Sale of sawit!”

” OOOh, how wonderful, grace be to God!”

That was not the end. One young ram, one ton of napier, one ton of feed brought in handsome rewards….

Asit turned out, TNB was right, Maybank did a screw up. She could get a heart attack!!! Poor me, but I did not complain.

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