Netiquette – breach of it is uncouth, kurang ajar

Etiquette, is adab. Someone who lacks adab is called as Kurang AJAR in Malay, or uncouth in English. The prophet is the exemplary man and Etiquette is central in his teachings.

In the newly embraced media of expression ,the internet, we see a lot of  that, “breach of etiquette”.

The power of the click, is equated with absolute freedom. It is further compounded by the sms culture, the one liner. So it becomes a haven for the inarticulate, the spoiler, the baduts, the cut and paste expert. Combined that with the you versus Me, black against white, displaying behaviors which would certainly be despised by the Prophet.

Unfortunately with the internet  forum, the practice of netiquette, kurang ajar and uncouth behavior can only be controlled by the Moderator. If the moderator choose to allow absolute freedom,  there is nothing much we could do except to ignore, delete or move on.

The danger is that healthy discussions are hijacked and killed. Personally I disagree with that absolute freedom approach. In any community be it virtual or real, harmony is essentials, and the use of the net to encourage discourses to attract robust exchange of thoughts must not be sacrificed for the sake of one or two or for the sake of absolute freedom.

Put the pressure on the uncouth.


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